Posted by: Nate Nelson | September 28, 2009

WTF Moment of the Day

It happens almost daily. I read the news and I see something that somebody in our government is doing, and I have what I like to call a WTF moment. I call this event a WTF moment because whatever stupidity is being perpetrated leaves me sitting here, scratching my head, and either thinking or more likely saying out loud: “WTF?”

Today’s WTF moment is sponsored by the Obama administration, which is opposing inclusion of pensions for 26 members of the Alaska Territorial Guard in the next military spending bill. The ATG served during World War II to protect Alaska from the Japanese. It seems obvious — unless you’re President Obama, apparently — that by serving Alaska the ATG was serving the broader cause of national defense. But according to the Obama administration, ATG members were state employees and their pensions should not be paid by the federal government.

But here’s the real kicker: When the ATG served in World War II, they did so without pay. That’s right, these men gave up their time and energy and put their lives on the line for no monetary compensation. And now the Spender-in-Chief, who has never seen something he doesn’t think the federal government should pay for, can’t bring himself to put 26 of their pensions in the massive deficit he has worked exceedingly hard to build over the past nine months?



  1. Why? Political payback? On the surface, it looks that way to me. Sarah Palin must have really been a thorn in Obama’s side.

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