Posted by: Nate Nelson | October 26, 2009

Can’t a Guy Just Shoot Some Hoops?

Even if the guy in question happens to be the president, I still maintain that a guy has a right to just play some basketball and have it mean absolutely nothing.

Apparently radical feminists and the old media disagree with me. They’ve decided to create their own little tempest in a teapot by criticizing President Obama for playing a game of basketball with cabinet members and congressmen. So what’s the problem? They were all men, and of course it’s just wrong for a man to play sports with other men. Or something. Apparently same-sex marriage is awesome, but same-sex recreation is verboten.

Is there anything we won’t politicize? Wait, did President Obama keep this game racially and ethnically proportionate? No? Racism! Did he invite Robert Byrd or Frank Lautenberg? Ageist! How about Barney Frank? That homophobe! Keith Ellison? No? Well, he must be Islamophobic then!

We’re in the middle of a recession, an intense health care debate, and two wars. Our unemployment rate is at nearly 10%. We’re worried about a nuclear North Korea, Iran going nuclear, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, among other things. Why is anybody concerned about who the president is or isn’t playing basketball with? Memo to the radical feminists: Get a grip and get over yourselves so the rest of us can get on with solving actual problems.

UPDATE: National Organization for Women (NOW) President Terry O’Neill adds to the insanity, comparing the president’s basketball game to segregation:

“Relationships get built in those more informal settings,” O’Neill told ABC News, “and the relationships have a huge impact on the influence an individual has. We know what happens when we segregated whether it by race or whether it by gender — you end up with 1st class citizens and you end up with 2nd class citizens.”

Yes, this is exactly like segregation. Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King, Jr. would be ready to march. Seriously, doesn’t Ms. O’Neill have anything better to do, any issues that impact women that might be slightly more pressing?



  1. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m having trouble getting worked up about it myself.

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