Posted by: Nate Nelson | November 2, 2009

How Much is Your Vote Worth?

Here in Athens, it looks like a vote is worth about $5. Jesse Hathaway (Athens Runaway) and other bloggers have uncovered evidence that the Ohio University College Democrats may have paid voters to cast their votes for incumbent Fourth Ward Councilwoman Christine Fahl. That would be, I think it goes without saying, illegal under Ohio law. If these allegations prove true, obviously they should have a significant impact on the OU College Dems and Athens County Democrats in general.

My big question is: Where did the money come from? I e-mailed OUCD Communications Director Chris Mullen and asked him just that, and so far he has not responded. I’ll update when and if he does.

If it’s true that the OU College Dems paid for votes for Christine Fahl, it would only fit the pattern of alleged Democratic corruption here in Athens County. The only way to change this culture of corruption and ensure that the OUCD’s alleged spending spree was in vain is to elect Randy Morris to City Council. If you live in the Fourth Ward — whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, or an independent like me — I urge you to get out and vote for Randy Morris tomorrow. I’m afraid I can’t offer you $5, but I think you’ll find that the look on the faces of Christine Fahl, Nancy Bain, Susan Gwinn, et al., when Morris is announced as the winner will be priceless.

UPDATE: I’m told that WSYX ABC 6 will be covering this story tonight at 11. Anyone who can should be sure to tune in. More updates as this story develops…

UPDATE II: Hathaway’s sources are telling him that the money for this came from the Athens County Democratic Party. Noting that county party chair Susan Gwinn is under indictment, Hathaway writes:

Let’s review quickly: Cash for votes from the College Dems, but only if the voters are from the Fourth Ward. Fourth Ward is a district being defended by Athens County Democratic Party hack Christine Fahl. County Dems, and by extension the OU College Democrats are controlled by Susan Gwinn. Susan Gwinn’s under indictment for financially-related election law violations.

Do the math.

Scandalous! New question: What did Christine Fahl know, and when did she know it?

UPDATE III: The Athens NEWS is the first to cover the story. OUCD is denying any voter fraud, but the wording of the e-mail remains very suspicious and does not seem to refer to canvassing. OUCD has confirmed that the money came from the Athens County Democratic Party, but indicted county party chair Susan Gwinn didn’t return A-NEWS phone calls. Unless otherwise noted, assume this and any other future updates come with a hat tip to Jesse Hathaway.

UPDATE IV: Wow, not a single Democrat anywhere in Ohio would answer WSYX ABC 6’s questions. Not the OU College Democrats, nor the Ohio Democrats that ABC 6 was referred to by the College Dems, nor the Athens County Democratic Party. Hold them accountable tomorrow in the only way you can — vote Randy Morris for Athens City Council, Fourth Ward.

UPDATE V: This is probably my last update for the night. The Post is now covering the story. Vote Morris tomorrow.

UPDATE VI: I lied. One more update for a YouTube clip. I’ll let it speak for itself.

Goodnight to all my friends in the Rust Belt Berkeley, AKA Athens, Ohio.


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