Posted by: Nate Nelson | November 3, 2009

Happy Election Day

It’s after midnight, which means that it is officially Election Day. It’s 2009, so aside from a few special elections we’re not seeing any major national elections. There are a couple important gubernatorial elections. You might be inclined to just stay home today, but you shouldn’t. You should go to your polling precinct and vote. There’s bound to be a state issue on the ballot, or some local elections that may have more of a direct impact on you than any national election will.

Americans have a lot of unique holidays — Thanksgiving, Independence Day, etc. But we never celebrate our uniqueness and what we truly have in common more than we do when we exercise our right and responsibility to vote on Election Day. When you get right down to it, elections are what make us Americans. Elections are the unique contribution that America made to the world at its inception. Do your civic duty and show that you’re proud to be an American. Vote.

Just to recap, here’s my coverage of the ’09 elections:

Randy Morris for Athens City Council
Doug Hoffman for NY-23
Bain Reveals Athens Dem Contempt for Voters
Palin Goes Rogue, Endorses Hoffman
I’m Voting Yes on Issue 1, No on 2 & 3
More From the Rust Belt Berkeley
Conservative Resurgence: Dem Disaster in 2010?
It’s Not a Purge
How Much is Your Vote Worth?
NJ Dems Paying for Daggett Robocalls

So yeah, happy Election Day. Be sure to celebrate by casting a ballot.


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