Posted by: Nate Nelson | November 3, 2009

Morris Loses Athens Fourth Ward Fight

Fahl, Gwinn Triumphant Amid Cash for Votes Scandal

I’ve learned from sources close to the Morris campaign that Republican Randy Morris has lost his election battle with appointed incumbent Democrat Christine Fahl for Athens City Council’s Fourth Ward seat. My sources tell me that Morris lost the election by 30 votes, and that barring any surprises from provisional ballots Christine Fahl is the definitive victor. I will have more on the results as official information becomes available.

My reaction to this is that the Athens County Democratic Party may have won the battle, but they have not yet won the war. We should not stop until indicted party chair Susan Gwinn is off the job and until a full, thorough, transparent investigation of the Cash for Votes scandal has been conducted. We were close to bringing an end to one-party, unaccountable, and irresponsible government here in Athens tonight. Next time we’ll get there.

UPDATE: WOUB confirms my earlier information, that Christine Fahl won tonight’s election by 30 votes.

UPDATE II: The Athens County Board of Elections has posted the unofficial election results. Coverage also provided by the Athens NEWS now.


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